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How Can Help You?

  • We assist company from Myfuture Job & FWCMS online, compile documentation up to worker’s arrival fomema registration and ensure PL(KS) sticker affix.
  • Contact and liaison with overseas licensed manpower agencies.
  • Update on latest government directives and policies on foreign manpower.
  • Pre-selection interview of foreign manpower by Malaysian employers in selected country of origin.
  • Post-selection handling of all necessary documentation and procedures, up to repatriation exercises of the foreign manpower to Malaysia.
  • Safe and timely delivery of foreign manpower to Malaysian employer’s appointed destination upon arrival in Malaysia.
  • Renewal of work permits and passport.
  • Professional consulting solutions & services if and when needful.

We emphasized after sales service, we share & update info, counseling workers.  Other than that we do send back workers arrangement from ticket booking & pick up workers from factory to KLIA/ Port, permit renewal reminder, Bank Draft, IG, Insurance & Fomema registration arrangement & etc.

“Zero Cost” means Employer need to subsidize FULL agency fees for workers for doing the documentation, medical, passport, interview traveling & accommodation cost & Air Ticket.

Yes, we can.

RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS ALLIANCE (RBA) is a nonprofit comprised of electronics, retail, auto and toy companies committed to supporting the rights and wellbeing of workers and communities worldwide affected by the global supply chain.

Focus Areas

The Code of Conduct provides guidance in five critical areas of CSR performance:

  • Environment
  • Ethics
  • Health and Safety
  • Labor
  • Management System

“Zero Cost” for comply RBA standard